Artists React With Anger As Britain Votes To Leave The E.U.

The music community responds to June 23 referendum result.

June 24, 2016


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A bunch of artists showed their support for the remain campaign in the weeks leading up the the E.U. referendum — including bizarrely Lindsay Lohan. However, it was not enough to change the outcome. The British public have voted to leave the E.U. It was a decision made overwhelmingly by older voters with 75% of people under 25 voting to remain part of the union. British artists and bands have voiced their dismay at the decision, as well as a fair number of angry messages too. Stormzy is being proactive about things though and has offered to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister.


Young British people have grown up being a part of Europe and that is now set to change. The following messages from social media reflect how that community is feeling this morning.


This bus is currently burnt out in a deserted car park up north somewhere. Well done you gullible fools.

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Message from baby sunny ✨🌻☀️🌞 by @jjjjjjjjjjackfisher

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😔 So disappointed... Such strange and anxious times. #buildbridgesnotwalls #nomanisanisland

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Artists React With Anger As Britain Votes To Leave The E.U.