DeRay Mckesson Arrested During Alton Sterling Protest In Baton Rouge

DeRay broadcasted his own arrest on Periscope.

July 10, 2016

Last night around 11 pm, prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson was arrested in Baton Rouge, LA while protesting the recent death of Alton Sterling.


Prior to his arrest, Mckesson was live-streaming and live-tweeting the protest, reporting in a tweet, "The protestors have been peaceful, the police have not." According to the Washington Post, a police officer threatened to arrest any protestors who walked onto the roadway before "flagging" Mckesson. In video footage provided to the Washington Post, an officer can be heard saying, "You in them loud shoes, if I see you in the road, if I get close to you, you’re going to jail."

Periscope footage then shows Mckesson being tackled down to the ground just seconds after a police officer off-screen says, "City police. You're under arrest." Mckesson then says, "I'm under arrest y'all," before the footage cuts out. Watch below.

Since reports of his arrest, Twitter users have been urging people to contact the Baton Rouge police to demand Mckesson's release under the hashtag #FreeDeray.

According to a Twitter user who had spoken to a representative of the East Baton Rouge Sherrif's Office, Mckesson was officially charged with "obstruction of highway." Another user said that no bond had been set yet.

DeRay Mckesson Arrested During Alton Sterling Protest In Baton Rouge