Watch The FADER’s Magical Lil Yachty Film, Keep Sailing

Directed by Petra Collins, and featuring new songs.

July 19, 2016

“I was probably the popularest kind on campus, but in the worst way,” Lil Yachty says partway through Keep Sailing, a new film directed by Petra Collins and produced by The FADER. “I was a laughingstock. I was a joke because of my hair. Being in college really let me know I don’t want to live a regular life. I want to be rich, I want to be a celebrity, I want to be famous. I want to have this hair and people don’t laugh, they get excited.”


Filmed in the Atlanta suburbs where the red-headed Lil Yachty grew up, this 14-minute film — sort of like a docu-musical — is a gorgeous and goofy look at his rise. It’s full of surreal reenactments, boat trips, and interviews with Lil Yachty’s mom, his uncle Darnell Boat, his go-to producers Burberry Perry and Earl, and all his good friends in the Sailing Team.

Plus! There are musical performances of two new songs — “So Many People” and “All In” — both from Lil Yachty's new mixtape Summer Songs 2, which comes out tonight, July 19, at midnight EST. The kid had a dream and he made it real.



Director: Petra Collins
Story: Petra Collins, Robert Semmer & Miles McCollum
Producers: Robert Semmer, Sydney Buchan, Kevin Hayden, David Brody
Executive Producers: Joseph Patel, Andy Cohn, Rob Stone, Jon Cohen & Anthony Holland
Associate Producer: Scott Perry
Production Manager: Joy Jorgenson
Production Coordinators: Maria Altamirano & Madison LaClair
DP: Kevin Hayden
Camera Operator: Scott Perry
AC: Chauncey Tanton
Production Designer: Lauren Nikrooz
Stylist: Zara Mirkin
Art assistant: DeJuan Anderson

Editor: Orian Barki
Additional Editors: Brook Linder, Eddie Shore, Jason Oh, Chris Jones, Sam Balaban
Colorist: Pedro Vivas Hernández
Sound: Eugene Wasserman
Titles: Grace Miceli

Special Thanks:
Kevin "Coach K" Lee
Pee Thomas
Scott Greer
Sarah Alminawi
Jennie Boddy



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Watch The FADER’s Magical Lil Yachty Film, Keep Sailing