SCRAAATCH’s Mhysa Shares A Sharply Therapeutic New Track

Listen to “You Not About That Lyfe” and, if you’re in Philly this Friday, you could likely go and dance to it.

July 27, 2016

There is much pleasure to be derived from the sound of shattering glass. When I was a little kid, I associated it with the illicit delight of an accidentally broken window. In more recent years, it's come to represent an as-yet unfulfilled desire: the smashing of screens that mediate modern life. Bye laptop, bye phone. Rationally, I know that'd be just shooting the messenger, but the urge remains. At time of glaring social injustice, anarchy appeals, and art that embodies that violence takes on a healing quality. This week, Philly artist Mhysa — one half of SCRAAATCH — followed up her Hivemind EP for NON Records with a new track called "You Not About That Lyfe" that slices through the space between the ears with steely intention. It's straight-up therapy. Listen below, and catch SCRAAATCH this Friday at their ATM night in Philly.

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SCRAAATCH’s Mhysa Shares A Sharply Therapeutic New Track