The Luyas Contemplate The Apocalypse On “Engineers”

The Montreal group will soon release their first new EP in four years.

July 27, 2016
The Luyas Contemplate The Apocalypse On “Engineers” Photo by Richmond Lam

The Luyas have been quiet since the release of their 2012 album Animator, but will soon return with a new EP Says You. Below, we're premiering "Engineers," a playful and spiraling jam of budding electronic bloops and echoing guitars. It's a wry and engaging krautrock piece that, as the band's frontwoman Jessie Stein told us over email, ponders on the end of the world and people leading us there.


Read her statement in full and listen to the song, below.

"So much is stirring in the world right now. It feels like everything is swinging between something apocalyptic and a hopefully positive transformation. I wrote ‘Engineers’ in New Zealand, a part of the world that you might run away to, if you had the means, when shit goes down back home. ‘Engineers’ imagines us on the other side of some great pending change, as much confused little beings as ever, in a process of renouncement and absolution. I wanted to mimic the powers that be. How they take responsibility for this, and pass the buck on that. The music is improvised, descends into chaos, and ends in a puddle. We human beings are builders, we build walls, we power cities, we build songs, and power structures. We believe we are in control. But like the beaver dismantles the forest, building takes a toll. The idea is to affect anticlimax, to disprove any false pretense of control."

The Luyas Contemplate The Apocalypse On “Engineers”