Watch Caucasian Living With Joanne The Scammer

Take a tour through her home, you’ll love the Malaysian bamboo floors.

Photographer Cait Oppermann
August 18, 2016

Joanne The Scammer aka Branden Miller is back and ready to take you on a tour of what she would lead you to believe is her mansion in Caucasian Living With Joanne The Scammer. The video is part of a three video deal Miller has with Super Deluxe, that was written about in The FADER's recent profile of Joanne.


"So far, he’s been paid to record personal greetings as Joanne, collected $10,000 to appear in a makeover video with viral hairstylist Anthony Cuts, and signed a three-video deal with Super Deluxe, a web production company and distribution network. The first will be a parody of MTV Cribs starring Joanne and a “borrowed” L.A. mansion."

In the clip Joanne takes us through the "borrowed" mansion, discovering all the glories of the caucasian home. Everything is going swimmingly until an unexpected guest, the owner (Chelsea Peretti) arrives.

Speaking on the viral success, Miller told The FADER,

“Whatever happens, I already feel like I’ve succeeded,” Branden says. “I’ve made so many people laugh — and that was the goal. You can be anything you want. I’m happy I went my own route, as I always do. I will never be forgotten.”

Watch the video above and read The FADER's feature on Joanne The Scammer here.

Watch Caucasian Living With Joanne The Scammer