Watch Declan McKenna’s “Isombard” Video

Meet the British musician rewriting E. E. Cummings as pop songs.

September 02, 2016

Declan McKenna is a teen that refuses to take the easy route. As a 15 year old, he wrote "Brazil" about the reported corruption within soccer's governing body FIFA. 2016 single "Paracetamol" was written about the broad misrepresentation of transgender teens in the media, and was inspired by Leelah’s Law.


His new single, "Isombard" is similarly packed with big topics. Beneath the breezy indie-pop McKenna packs his take on the right-wing media in the U.S.. “The idea of "Isombard" is basically about this right wing Fox News-type TV presenter trying to justify things like police brutality and xenophobia," McKenna told The FADER via email, "and using cases for backwards political gains but completely fumbling over his words and not really knowing what he's talking about. It’s also maybe me trying to rewrite next to of course god america i by E. E. Cummings, but as a pop song.”

The FADER is premiering the "Isombard" video today. Check it out above.

Watch Declan McKenna’s “Isombard” Video