LAL’s “Tiny Mirrors” Video Is About Reclaiming Ceremony And Hope In A Violent World

The electronic duo are also about to embark on a west coast tour.

September 16, 2016

Toronto's LAL has been making lush, magnetic, soulful protest music for over a decade, and with the increased attention being given to contemporary civil rights causes their work is finding new resonance in different ways. LAL's latest album, Find Safety builds on this legacy; emerging audiences might take refuge in the duo's continued perseverance against injustice. Making new connections and strengthening old ideologies feels like part of the LAL tenant, and so it only makes sense that their music video for Find Safety's "Tiny Mirrors," directed by Ayelen Liberona and Joseph Cami, would feature the iconic Canadian modern dancer Margie Gillis and a rousing young poet and actor Tru Daily. It's the past and future meeting in the present, and is a "song about reclaiming ceremony and hope in an oppressive and violent world."


"The dancer's character (Margie Gillis) represents Mother Nature, or part of the divine feminine," LAL wrote in an email to The FADER. "Local poet and actor Tru Daily is on the other side of the mirrors and represents this as well. The people in shirts and ties represent corporate entities who are causing environmental damage, and the oil visualizes situations like the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline, or First Nation communities without clean water."

Tour dates:

10/04 — Victoria, BC @ Copper Owl
10/05 — Vancouver, BC @ The Wise Hall & Lounge
10/06 — Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theatre
10/12 — Oakland, CA @ Au Lounge
10/14 — San Francisco, CA @ El Rio

LAL’s “Tiny Mirrors” Video Is About Reclaiming Ceremony And Hope In A Violent World