Quentin Miller Confirms Leg Amputation

The Atlanta rapper and Drake collaborator shared the news in an Instagram post.

September 17, 2016

Thanks for being patient. Falco when it's ❄️❄️❄️❄️...

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Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller has been relatively quiet since last year's feud with Meek Mill, which involved allegations that Miller has ghostwritten tracks for Drake. Miller denied these rumors wholesale, but Mill continued to harangue him over them, even having a run-in with Miller earlier this year.


But now, it appears that Miller has much bigger things on his mind than a feud: Following rumors that the rapper had been involved in a bad car accident earlier this year, he shared a picture on Instagram of himself where his left foot appears to be amputated from the knee down. "Thanks for being patient," Miller captioned the image. "Falco when it's ❄️❄️❄️❄️...," he continued in an apparent reference to Star Fox character Falco Lombardi, an anthropomorphic bird with metal legs.

Update: In an email to The FADER, Quentin Miller's manager, Cam Singletary a.k.a. Coach Cam, confirmed that the rapper did indeed lose his leg as a result of a bad car accident "a couple months back."

"However, that hasn't stopped him from making good music, having faith, and living life," Cam writes. "We can't wait to be able to reach that fans that have held us down so far."

According to Cam, Miller plans to drop a new album entitled Falco "this winter" following his recovery.

Quentin Miller Confirms Leg Amputation