Fetty Wap Reportedly Sued Over “Trap Queen” Beat

A Danish musician wants the song totally erased.

September 28, 2016

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A Danish musician called Lazar Lakic is suing Fetty Wap over the beat to his 2015 smash hit "Trap Queen," TMZ reports.


Lakic has claimed that he owns "exclusive rights" to the "Trap Queen" beat, which he purchased from the song's producer Tony Fadd. The lawsuit also alleges that Fadd attempted to buy back the rights to the beat in January 2015, but was turned down. Lakic, who says he says not received any compensation following the song's massive success, is demanding profits, as well as a halt to its sales, and that all physical copies be destroyed.

Fetty Wap's attorney Navarro Gray told TMZ that Fetty Wap signed a contract with Tony Fadd when he bought the beat, so if Lakic is awarded any damages, they will push for Fadd to pay them.

A representative for Fetty Wap was not immediately available for comment.

Fetty Wap Reportedly Sued Over “Trap Queen” Beat