Le Couleur’s “L’Amour le Jour” Is A Glittering Disco Ball

The Montreal band’s new album P.O.P. is out October 28.

September 29, 2016
Le Couleur’s “L’Amour le Jour” Is A Glittering Disco Ball Photo by Antoine La Rochelle

After releasing their debut album in 2010 and a bunch of EPs since then, Le Couleur are returning with their sophomore project P.O.P., and the Montreal trio's new single “L’Amour le Jour” premieres today on The FADER. Despite a hazy disco air that pops like an expertly timed laser show, the song's good-time vibes are tempered by a slight gloom. It's all the more enticing for them.


"'L’Amour Le Jour' is about pop culture that allows us to choose our idols. Several models are offered to us…" The band wrote in an email, before describing how the track evolved over time. "The song was composed many years ago. We wanted to find a new arrangement. When we played this new version for the first time during a show, it was a kind of magical, people gathered, smiles appeared on their faces. Our manager witnessed this scene several times during our tour and we decided to integrate it into the album."

You can listen to L'Amour le Jour below, and watch a live performance of the song at Cinémathèque Québécoise. P.O.P. is out October 28, and you can pre-order it here.

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Le Couleur’s “L’Amour le Jour” Is A Glittering Disco Ball