Watch Crack Cloud’s Haunted Stop-Motion Video For “Image Craft”

The Alberta post-punk band is preparing a debut album.

November 02, 2016

Crack Cloud, the Alberta band that became one of Canada's most promising post-punk groups off the strength of one EP, is back with a video for "Image Craft," premiering today on The FADER. Like previous material, the new song is jammy and foreboding, and pulls from experimental punk forebears This Heat. The song's thousand yard stare is mirrored in the creepy video, directed by the band. It evokes David Lynch's early short films: shot in black-and-white, with flashes of stop-motion interspersed with figures navigating a haunted cube filled with junk.


Crack Cloud told us about the song over email. "When you self-scrutinize your motivations in life, and the doubt becomes crippling, and your art feels meagre and your politics uninformed; and the romance that held it all together fizzles out and you are jaded by this world of abstraction you created. 'Image Craft' is that chapter in life. But its also about reconciling with the abstract, and building an identity through uninhibited expression. The song projects a dark tone, but the larger work that its part of called Anchoring Point is more of a celebration."

Anchoring Point will be released in early 2017 in conjunction with Good Person Recordings.

Watch Crack Cloud’s Haunted Stop-Motion Video For “Image Craft”