6 Records That Defined Fabric, According To DJs And Club Regulars

Listen to the songs that helped artists form an attachment with the legendary London venue.

November 21, 2016

The closure of Fabric and resulting global outpouring of support from clubgoers and artists was inspiring. More importantly, it was impactful: it was announced today that the club will reopen after reaching a new agreement on operations with local authorities.

The sustained response to the club's legal battles from artists and club-goers all over the world was a reminder of what venues can accomplish. Far from being simply a place to party and play music: clubs foster community and new sounds to inspire, become symbols of hope in a rapidly gentrifying world, or even just give up-and-coming DJs something to aspire to. Before news broke of the club's reopening, we asked a number of Fabric regulars and admirers for the songs that they'll forever associate with that iconic venue. What previously felt mournful is now a celebration of the chance to create more moments like the ones they describe below.


1. Massimiliano Pagliara, “In Order Of More Depth (B.H.F.V Remix)”

"Fabric supported me from a very early stage, often giving me warm-up sets in Room 1 before anyone had heard of me. This is easily my most played track in the club over the years." —Daniel Avery

2. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White, “The Sun Can't Compare”

"This track still reminds me of Fabric and the time when I played more often there. Even when I play it today and I still do, it takes me back to 77A Charterhouse St :)" —Ellen Allien

3. Villalobos, “Easy Lee”

"Villalobos was obviously a huge mainstay over the years at Fabric. The first time I heard him play this in Room 1 was well before I ever moved to London, and myself and a group of friends used to drive all the way from North Wales for our monthly pilgrimages to Fabric. I distinctly recall holding the wall on the right of the dance floor with one hand and holding my other hand in my friends face to stop him talking as I had some otherworldly experience to this record. Just a stunningly original restrained piece of music from a true master at one the most exciting times of minimal techno." —Tom Demac

4. Planetary Assault Systems, “Rip The Cut”

"I remember playing this a couple of times at Fabric, just when the vibe need the roof to take off! I love this track because while being so raw and powerful, it's not 'easy' at all. Quite the opposite. Well done Luke!" —Lucy

5. Pinch & Mumdance, “Double Barrelled Mitzi (Turbo Mitzi VIP)”

"For me, the intro to this track just sums up the mood of Room 2 and the green laser, both from when I used to play there as a DJ and before that when I used to go there as a raver and spend all evening firmly rooted in the middle of the dance floor. It's part of a run of tunes that I made around that time with Pinch and Logos around the Proto album which conjure up that mood and space." —Mumdance

6. Paula Temple, “You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body (Live At Moogfest)”

"The irony for me having a relationship with Fabric is the fact I have never played Fabric. I was due to play on 17 September alongside Marcel Dettmann, just a few weeks after the club was forced to close. Putting this unborn relationship aside, I feel an affinity to protesting against conservative, property investor type transactions that find their way to abuse city resources, hollow out culture and sanitize us all into stressed out zombies." —Paula Temple

6 Records That Defined Fabric, According To DJs And Club Regulars