Chicago Rapper Alex Wiley Recruits London’s Jay Prince For Surreal New Track

“Still Calling” is the result of a 3 a.m. Backwood, palate-cleansing music, and producer Mike Gao’s magical app.

November 28, 2016

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Alex Wiley is a rapper from Chicago who is known for his higher-toned, youthful voice and fast-paced lyrics. However, on his new single "Still Calling," he trades in his usual high energy for a deeper, crooning sound. The result is a heady, surreal song that'll have you replaying to gain a deeper understanding. The Mike Gao-produced track features London artist Jay Prince and uses a soft psychedelic beat to assist Prince's gruff voice and Wiley's singsong vocals.


"The song started in a 3 a.m. album session at my place in L.A.," Wiley told the FADER via email. "Mike Gao laid the chords and programmed the drums real quick, then I stepped to the mic with a Backwood lit to feel out a chorus. We had all been listening to hella James Blake, Archy Marshall/King Krule, and Sampha as like a palate-cleanser. I met Jay Prince a couple months earlier at Mike's house. We smoked and vibed on stuff we were working on; I think he really grasped the direction of the album. I was really surprised at how well his verse fit into the song, can't fucking thank him enough. Then Mike came over with an app he invented and did some magical Mike Gao shit on his iPad and next thing I know I'm singing through a vocoder effect and that's what's on the end of the song. Cool story, right? Sorry if it's too long; I ramble when I'm stoned."

Listen to "Still Calling" below, and look out for a new project from Wiley, titled Village Party III: Stoner Symphony, in January.

Chicago Rapper Alex Wiley Recruits London’s Jay Prince For Surreal New Track