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G Herbo Gets Vulnerable And Focused On “Take Me Away”

It’s a standout loosie from the Chicago rapper.

December 01, 2016

Judging from this Instagram post, G Herbo has been crafting his new song "Take Me Away" since at least March of this year. The song didn't appear on his latest project Strictly 4 My Fanz, but you should definitely still stream it above. The bed of horns in the song's production gives the track a Braveheart sorta vibe, and Herbo follows suit with his candid verses. The central struggle comes from Herbo's need to leave some aspects of his old life behind, while hoping that newfound fame and a rigorous schedule doesn't disconnect him from the people who mean the most. There are no easy answers to this internal conflict, but Herbo's not about to run away from the struggle.

G Herbo Gets Vulnerable And Focused On “Take Me Away”