Sean Nicholas Savage And Better Person Romance The Night In The “Moonlight Lady” Video

It’s an arthouse ode to Julio Iglesias.

December 08, 2016

It takes a certain confidence to execute a faithful cover of an '80s relic; for many artists it'd be far easier, or at least more comfortable, to update a song for modern musical tastes. But Montreal singer-songwriter (and Solange collaborator) Sean Nicholas Savage and Berlin's Better Person aren't your average musicians. On "Moonlight Lady" the pair double-down on the stiff drum machine, perky synth line, and dramatic vocals of Julio Iglesias's 1984 original. The big difference, communicated subtly in the new black-and-white video for the previously unreleased collab, is that this modern take has a slightly melancholy vibe that you can feel through the '80s spritz. The video was directed by Angus Borsos.


In an e-mail to The FADER, Sean, who released the Magnificent Fist LP this fall, described his memories of recording "Moonlight Lady in Berlin:

"we were living in spandau a whole month or two before we found out about the beach here.
listening to that julio song all the time, just loved that tune.
it was all done over a few weeks.
there was darkness and fog and we went for a walk.
there were deadly hogs in the park and we laughed and ate hot dogs.
there was him and then him in a world made for two,
then we were done."

Sean Nicholas Savage Tour Dates

December 3rd | Bucharest, RO | Control Club
December 7th | Vienna, AT | brut Wien
December 8th | Krakow, PL | RE
December 9th | Lodz, PL | DOM
December 10th | Warsaw, PL | Cafe Kulturalna
December 12th | Paris, FR | Espace B
December 16th | Glasgow, UK | CCA
December 19th | London, UK | Waiting Room
December 20th | Brighton, UK | Hope & Ruin
December 23rd | Zurich | Zukunft
December 29th | San Giorgio del Sannio (BN), Italy | 404: Space Not Found festival (Area Fiera)
January 12th | Copenhagen, DE | Spillestedet Stengade

Sean Nicholas Savage And Better Person Romance The Night In The “Moonlight Lady” Video