Glastonbury To Temporarily Relocate For 2019

The massive UK festival will likely find a new location for every fifth year to let its Somerset grounds recover.

December 19, 2016

Friday 23 June 2017 @radiohead

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Glastonbury Festival famously takes a break every five years to give the grounds at its Somerset location enough time to recover from the damage inflicted by its 175,000-person crowd. Now, the festival has announced it will counter that problem by relocating the event every five years to a second location, according to the BBC.


The legendary UK festival's founder, Michael Eavis said the festival will likely be moved to a new site, roughly 100 miles from the original one hosted on his own farmlands. "I'm arranging to move the show [but] it would be a huge loss to Somerset if it went there forever," said Eavis, "We've got a wonderful product...and we can do it almost anywhere."

Read the full story from the BBC, and watch a brief video interview with Eavis on the subject here.

Glastonbury To Temporarily Relocate For 2019