You Have To Watch This Rapper’s Inspiring Rap About Harry Potter

“I was born with a wand in my hand.”

January 11, 2017

I like Harry Potter but after the first movie and the second book, I fell out of touch with the sorcery hive. I knew the books were fire, but I was overwhelmed by my peers who slept outside of Barnes & Noble for midnight book releases, and honestly, my short attention span just couldn't carry me through the entire saga. Then this evening, I saw Yung Mavu's wondrous video for "Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)" and suddenly cleared out my Saturday to reacquaint myself with the series.


In June 2016, the Belgium native uploaded a freestyle over a Harry Potter inspired beat which garnered some attention. Then, just after New Year's Day in 2017, he released an official visual for the song and now it's going viral again. Here, Mavu strolls through a seemingly endless tunnel and raves about his black magic in verses full of Harry Potter references. He tosses a Gryffindor scarf over his back and points his wand all over the place while spitting majestic bars and casting spells like "expecto patronum" to ward off his adversaries. In the midst of all this wizardry, Mavu even stops to hit the folks without missing a beat. Watch him channel Harry Potter's magic in the video above.

You Have To Watch This Rapper’s Inspiring Rap About Harry Potter