21 Savage Announces Deal With Epic Records, Calls Drake “A Genuine Person”

The Atlanta rapper discussed his career on the Rap Radar podcast.

Photographer Ben Grieme
January 18, 2017

21 Savage sat down for a wide-ranging new interview on the Rap Radar Podcast, where the Atlanta rapper revealed that he has signed to Epic Records, and discussed his relationship with Drake.


Savage proclaimed that he's no fan of collaborations with other rappers even if he's a fan. "A lot of niggas take it too far, like, this is just business. We can come together, do a song, that don't mean I have to look at you like my friend, 'cause I know niggas is fake. A lot of these niggas ain't real so I don't expect that from them. 'Ey, you hot, I'm hot, let's do a song, we gon' make this motherfuckin' [money], know what I'm saying?"

When asked about Drake, who collaborated with Savage on their hit single "Sneakin'" and gifted him a Ferrari for his birthday, the rapper indicated that they were friends. "We been fuckin' with each other before Slaughter King even came out," he said. "Drake genuine. I feel like he's a genuine person."

He also confirmed that he has signed with Epic Records. When asked why he signed to L.A. Reid's label, Savage said "Because he's black. He's probably the last black CEO. Why not? He'll understand me before anyone else."

The entire interview is a great listen. Check it out here. Representatives for Drake, 21 Savage, and Epic Records were not immediately available for comment.

21 Savage Announces Deal With Epic Records, Calls Drake “A Genuine Person”