Watch Homegrown, A Touching Short Documentary On L.A. Artist gnash

His friends and family talk about the singer and rapper’s growth and commitment to honesty.

January 23, 2017

Family is everything to Garrett Charles Nash, a.k.a. L.A. singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer gnash. "I was raised to talk about how I felt," he recounts in this heartwarming short documentary produced by The FADER and YouTube, and filmed entirely in the Nash family household.


gnash's mom, dad, sister, mentor, manager, and best friends all weigh in on his path from "Lil homie gnash" who used to DJ local house parties to an accomplished artist who's "growing up to be a man," as his mentor put it. He's still all about family, though: he records all his music out of a home studio he and his dad built in their garage. "If a feeling sticks around for long enough, then I'm gonna make a song about it," gnash says of his approach to his art. "I just wanna help people with how they feel."

Watch Homegrown above.

gnash is going on tour March 31. Find tickets and more info here.


Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Executive Producer: Robert Semmer
Production Company: Pomp&Clout
Executive Producers: Ryan Staake & Ryen Bartlett
Head of Production: Kevin Staake
Producer: Ryan Huffman
Director of Photography: Brandon Kapelow
Production Coordinator: David Ledwith
Production Assistant: Michael Hull
1st AC: Jacob Perry
Sound Mixer: Jack Goodman
Sound Mixer: Wes Eastin
Sound Design: Neil Koperek
Colorist: Kristopher Smale
Color House: MPC
Graphics: Aaron Vinton

Executive Producers: Grace Lee, Jake O’Leary, Eric Leiberman


Executive Producers: Jon Cohen, Andy Cohn, Anthony Holland and Rob Stone
Production Manager: Madison LaClair
Post Production Supervisor: Christopher Jones
Editor-In-Chief: Naomi Zeichner
Marketing Director: Jenny Peck
VP, Integrated Marketing: Kate Carrington
Branded Producer: Monica Benitez
Legal Affairs: David Schrager
Associate Marketing Manager: Payton Anderson
Finance & Accounting: Chris Lanzaro, Chris Tamber

Cisco Adler
Helene Nash
Charles Nash
Rosabelle Eales
Jamil "Big Juice" Davis
Jon Holmes
Goody Grace
Matthew Baus
Sierra Nash

Photo Credit: Colby Edwards.

Watch Homegrown, A Touching Short Documentary On L.A. Artist gnash