JME Adds An Electric New Verse To Grim Sickers’s Grime Anthem “Kane”

Watch the video directed by Mike Skinner.

February 02, 2017

Bristol-based grime MC Grim Sickers lit a fire under the grime scene last year with his heavy, pop culture-riffing breakthrough track "Kane." Today, JME joins him on the official remix, name-checking Steve Jobs, Leicester City soccer player Jamie Vardy, and Stephen King in one rapid-fire verse. Now signed to Meno Records, via Mike Skinner a.k.a. The Streets, Grim is celebrating the remix with a bright and colorful video directed by Skinner himself. Both MCs take the opportunity to bring all their gags to life (think: "Five man packed out in a Honda").


In a quote emailed to The FADER, Grim Sickers described the video as a "dream come true." The track was born out of bars he used to spit "on grime sets in early 2016 — the reaction was amazing. I sent Swifta [Beater] the vocal and he came back with a masterpiece. JME got on the remix through Twitter."

Mike Skinner also explained how he became a fan of Grim: "I first heard 'Kane' when Grim's manager played it to me. I played it out at a festival that afternoon, and everyone on stage turned around and made a funny face at me. I knew then that I'd been given an open goal, with no one around to tackle me. The rest has been history in the making. Grim is a real student of the game, he literally knows everything about grime. It’s very rare." Watch the video exclusively above.

JME Adds An Electric New Verse To Grim Sickers’s Grime Anthem “Kane”