Tasseomancy Smashes Up Condo City In The Trippy “Do Easy” Video

The Toronto psych-pop duo’s new album Do Easy is out now.

February 16, 2017

The soaring costs of homes means that Toronto's skyline has become stacked with high-rises. In the new video for "Do Easy," Tasseomancy uses absurdity and humor in a rebellion against the cultural shift these buildings bring to their city. The band's Romy Lightman is the resident of a condo unit, rendered in unsettlingly uncanny detail by director Zak Tatham (Romy's twin sister and bandmate Sari also pops up). Perhaps prompted by some nostalgia, some spring cleaning moves from tidying a space to transforming it into something more connected with the real world. Such a significant change feels natural, even pleasant, thanks in part to the song's wistful, lo-fi pop and soaring melodies.


Over email, Tasseomancy went deep on the video's conception. "While writing 'Do Easy,' we were interested in manifesting the domestic flow of William Burroughs’s, The Discipline of DE. In Zak Tatham’s video, this domestic order is overthrown; chaos reigns and we break on through to a more instinctual side. The Tower represented by the sterile condo is the dangling carrot of comfort and emotional disconnect. It Ignores our bodies and gaslights the planet, quietly hisses 'fuck off.' By smashing down the condo, we lay down the base of a cool new becoming. Go and take off your fancy shades, let the world's words penetrate. Wear the stains of old mistakes. Make a room where you can roll around in the shit of forgiveness. Slowly regenerate. This is a feminine destruction; a happy death."

Tasseomancy's Do Easy is out now on Bella Union/Hand Drawn Dracula.

Thumbnail photo by Yuula Benivolski

Tasseomancy Smashes Up Condo City In The Trippy “Do Easy” Video