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These NBA Team Logos Redesigned For Black History Month Are Amazing

Hebru Brantley teamed up with the Bleacher Report to celebrate black America.

February 24, 2017
Hebru Brantley / Bleacher Report

Chicago artist Hebru Brantley is closing Black History Month out strong with redesigns of all 30 NBA team logos, created in conjunction with Bleacher Report.


Brantley, who animated sections of Chance The Rapper's "Angels" video, took inspiration from each city, and even renamed some teams to better reflect his new designs. “History is long and long-winded sometimes, so it's hard to pick apart a moment and make it clear from an aesthetics standpoint, but I looked at pivotal moments and certain individuals that can be represented with these teams and logos and become sort of the rebranded version of this team,” he told Bleacher Report, adding that he was also inspired by logos from the all-black "Negro Leagues," as well as high school teams.

The new designs include the Boston Celtics leprechaun reimagined as a black power activist, the "Chicago Defenders," a reference to a long-running black-owned newspaper, and a reimagining of Minnesota's team into the "Doves," a tribute to Prince.

Check out a GIF of all the logos above, and read the stories and history behind them at Bleacher Report.

These NBA Team Logos Redesigned For Black History Month Are Amazing