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Watch T.I. And Ice-T Perform Together As “Ice-T.I.”

The rappers joined forces for Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Monday night.

March 21, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel has a regular "Mash-Up Monday" feature on his show where two acts with similar names team up to play live together. There has been WeeZTop (Weezer and ZZ Top), Kenny and Warren G, and so on and so on. Last night, March 20, T.I. and Ice-T got in on the action with their own head to head. "Ice-T.I." performed Ice-T's "O G Original Gangster" and T.I.'s 2004 cut "Bring Em Out" together. Check out the fun performance above.

Watch T.I. And Ice-T Perform Together As “Ice-T.I.”