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Allan Rayman’s “Verona’s Obsession Vol. 1” Video Is An ’80s Vampire Thriller

Stream the first act of the Toronto singer/songwriter’s new visuals.

March 22, 2017

"Verona's Obsession Vol. 1," the new clip from Allan Rayman, is about creatures of the night, vampires and stalkers alike. The song is all open-highway rock in a chrome sports car, and Rayman's confrontational vocal delivery adds a sense of urgency to Gabriel Adelman's visuals. His barks encourage us to interpret the mysterious relationship of Rayman and his fan, from the unwelcome propositions to the arguably dream-sequenced bloodletting.


"In a celebrity-obsessed world, I wanted to show that the fantasy of fandom often has a darker reality," Adelman told The FADER over email. "I drew inspiration from my favourite early 80's music videos and films, such as 'Thriller' and Evil Dead. It's a format I've been wanting to work in since obsessively watching Much Music Video Countdown as a kid." The video's second volume will be released in spring 2017.

Allan Rayman's new album Roadhouse 01 is out now on Communion Records. Stream it on Spotify.

Thumbnail photo by Zack Vitiello.

Allan Rayman’s “Verona’s Obsession Vol. 1” Video Is An ’80s Vampire Thriller