Sundara Karma’s “Happy Family” Is A Nostalgic Trip

The U.K. band shares their latest video as they tour North America with Alt Nation.

March 23, 2017

British newcomers Sundara Karma get nostalgic in their relatable visual for "Happy Family." The video follows a young boy as he's isolated at home, and builds to a moment where he wears his mother's dress in his desire to be closer to her. “The story was inspired by both the lyrics and experiences from when I was a kid," director Storma Cairns told The FADER in an email. "After speaking to Oscar the idea reflected his own childhood too and it was great to talk it through with him."


"I thought Stroma’s treatment was charming and sweet, it brought a tear to my eye," singer Oscar Pollock adds. "I only wish that my mum had such dresses when I was younger."

Sundara Karma is on the Alt Nation Advanced Placement tour roster this spring. Watch the video above.

Thumbnail credit: Anna Maria Lopez.

Sundara Karma’s “Happy Family” Is A Nostalgic Trip