Listen To Sadaf Cast A Spell On New Track “Let It Burn”

It’s the title track from the Brooklyn-based artist’s forthcoming EP on Outside Insight.

April 05, 2017
Listen To Sadaf Cast A Spell On New Track “Let It Burn” Sadaf   Photo by Sadaf Nava

Sadaf has range in every sense of the word. The Brooklyn-based artist has DJ-ed everywhere in N.Y.C. from China Chalet to the Guggenheim, had more than one multimedia performances at MoMA PS1, and demonstrated an impressively genre-defying taste on her FADER Mix back in 2015. A force to be reckoned with, her efforts as a solo musician are no exception to the rule.


Her latest is "Let It Burn," the title track from her upcoming EP on new label Outside Insight. It awakens slowly, with warbling strums of sitar. “There’s still time/ Let it burn,” Sadaf announces as if casting a spell. Right on cue, harsh noise descends like a furious swarm of insects, eating around the edges of the track as the synthesizer twitches and spasms.

"I moved around a lot as a child," Sadaf told The FADER over email. "As a kid, I perversely liked to get news of moving again, because it meant I didn’t have to commit to who I was, that I could potentially start again. There was a lot of hope and excitement in rebuilding myself, I was always caught in a daydream of new possibilities. But ultimately, I would always end up back where I started, looking at my old self in the mirror. 'Let It Burn' deals with the fantasy of wanting your house to burn down, while addressing the fact that at some point, it is impossible to start fresh, that there is sort of permanent residual dust that follows us around."

Sadaf will perform with Inga Copeland in New York on April 6 (tickets) and an Outside Insight party in L.A. on April 11 (tickets).

Outside Insight will release Let It Burn on April 6. Preorder it here.
Listen To Sadaf Cast A Spell On New Track “Let It Burn”