Land Of Talk’s New Song “Loving” Is Urgent And Anxious Indie Pop

The new album Life After Youth is out May 19.

April 12, 2017

It's been seven years since the last Land of Talk record, but Elizabeth Powell will return to fill the unique void the indie project left with a new album called Life After Youth. The record came out of a crucible of industry disillusionment, family illness, and a computer crash that swallowed up a whole solo record. "Loving," Land of Talk's new song premiering today on The FADER, could have been written the heart of Powell's struggles. Her narrative is abstract yet deeply felt; the lyrics attempt to chase out someone's ghost, but get bogged down in the present. Still, there's a brightness in the shiny, fuzzy guitars, and Powell's stutters on the hook, suggesting with a wink that she can turn anything life throws at her into a compelling piece of pop.


The FADER asked Powell for one big lesson she gleamed from making Life After Youth. "It taught me to keep an accurate and legible record of all of my weird guitar tunings under lock and key (instead of scribbling them on napkins) so I'm not reinventing the wheel every time I play a bloody song. All jokes aside, making this record was a master class in RESILIENCE."

Land of Talk's new album Life After Youth is out on May 19 via Saddle Creek.

Land Of Talk’s New Song “Loving” Is Urgent And Anxious Indie Pop