Husser’s New Video For “Can’t Blame ’Em” Is Get Out Meets An Apple Launch Event

The Montreal rapper plays a more brolic Steve Jobs than Michael Fassbender.

April 14, 2017

One of the artists I'm most excited about right now is Husser, a versatile rapper from Montreal who is also one third of the rap group, The Posterz. A new video for "Can't Blame 'Em," premiering today on The FADER, demonstrates Husser's twisted grasp of flow and charisma real well: it's a weird and vivid trip, directed by Émile Lavoie, through an alternative version of the Steve Jobs movie. Husser plays a cocky, bespectacled, turtlenecked-up boy genius who gathers the ire of a bunch of white men in suits. In a scene where they toast him, the malice is so palpable it feels like Lavoie was inspired by the underlying animus of Get Out. The climax is a mock launch event, where Husser runs out on stage clutching a device in the air and Lavoie's camera flips between widescreen and audience POV portrait-modes. It's a brilliant kick in the door ahead of Husser's solo debut, Geto Rock For The Youth, dropping this fall.


In an email to The FADER, Husser explained how the song got its cocky vibe. "When I wrote 'Can't Blame Em,' I was in a situation where I was torn between wanting to stay faithful to a girlfriend on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and wanting to stick my manliness in every French woman that knew my name during [The Posterz] European tour. It was me, Jo A Touch, and Joey from The Posterz working on it in a hotel room at the Generator Hostels in Paris. My boy Kris had left us to unleash his manliness somewhere. The beat was made; I recorded it in a closet off an iPhone microphone, spazzin’ out at the end cause I'm just always mad like that, and then boom...'Can't Blame Em.'"

Husser’s New Video For “Can’t Blame ’Em” Is Get Out Meets An Apple Launch Event