Art School Jocks Challenges Social Dualities On “Catdog”

Named after the old cartoon, the Atlanta band’s new single explores coded body language.

April 18, 2017
Art School Jocks Challenges Social Dualities On “Catdog” Eva Nelson

Ali Bragg, Camille Lindsley, Deborah Hudson and Dianna Settles have been making "existential basement pop" in Atlanta as Art School Jocks since the latter half of 2015. In their upcoming self-titled debut, they are critical, satirical, and poignant, drawing attention to discrepancies in gender and racial biases, while honoring movements like Black Lives Matter and #NoDAPL. As outspoken on social media as they are in their lyrics, their ethos shows through their sound. "Catdog," their new single, is sonically churning with slightly unsettling whimsicalities, while remaining down to earth in its subtleties, its reverberations a call to action.


"Catdog is about coded and subconscious body language," the group told The FADER via email. "It's about seeing the duality in any given moment and understanding that what can seem inviting and coolly communicated may in another realm be understood as an act of aggression or transgression. It's about understanding that any one thing is painted in a multitude of ways depending on who's seeing it and what their influence casts."

Art School Jocks's self-titled album is due out June 2 on Father/Daughter Records. Preorder it here.
Art School Jocks Challenges Social Dualities On “Catdog”