Report: With Congressional Budget Deadline Looming, Government May Shut Down

The government may shut down this week over debates about funding Trump’s border wall.

April 23, 2017

Sunday morning, on Meet The Press, Nancy Pelosi came on to talk with Chuck Todd about the upcoming congressional budget deadline. You can watch footage from the interview below.


As the deadline grows nearer, there are growing concerns that the government will shut down due to disagreements over budgeting allocations for President Donald Trump's border wall plan. Democrats are expected to oppose the funding for the wall, which President Trump promised during his campaign would be paid for by Mexico. After Mexican leaders publically rejected that plan, it became apparent that American taxpayers would be paying, at least initially, for the wall.

"I think here U.S. taxpayers are probably very much aligned with Mexico," California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. "None of them, whether it's our taxpayers or Mexico, want to pay for a medieval wall."

"I know one thing. We need that wall," said Attorney General Jeff Sessions Sunday morning on This Week on ABC. Sessions stated this despite his own admission of not being involved in the budget discussions.

Officials from the White House are unsure if the President will sign the budget if the funding for the border wall is not included, which could prompt a shutdown if a deal is not met by this Friday at midnight.

While this would be the first government shutdown since 2013, when Republican lawmakers refused to support the funding for the Affordable Care Act, the government has shut down 12 times since 1976, due to funding gaps.

To follow this developing situation more closely, The New York Times and CNN.

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Report: With Congressional Budget Deadline Looming, Government May Shut Down