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Majid Jordan’s New Song “Phases” Is Dance-Pop About Displacement

The OVO duo are back with a brand new single.

April 28, 2017


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Last night, Majid Jordan shared a new single called "Phases." The Toronto-based duo gets loose with structure on a song that's, appropriately, about the trauma of displacement. For Majid Al Maskati, it takes the form of an immigrant story. "I came to this country, didn't know a damn thing/ 18 years old and in need of planning," he sings over piano and electronic effects that mingle in the background, respectful of the tender subject matter. It's all building to an explosion, when kick drums burst out like machine gun rounds and the group's trademark foggy synths escape like smoke. Listen below.

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Majid Jordan’s New Song “Phases” Is Dance-Pop About Displacement