Gucci Responds To Claims That It Knocked Off Dapper Dan’s Designs

It’s an “homage.”

May 31, 2017

On Monday, several Twitter users noted strong similarities between a jacket from Gucci's 2018 Cruise collection and a design from Harlem's Dapper Dan, a designer who became notorious in the 1980s for his streetwear looks.

The original design featured puffy sleeves, a brown fur torso, and Louis Vuitton print. The version Gucci sent down the runway was nearly identical, with the Louis Vuitton fabric swapped out for Gucci.

Many online were upset that the fashion label, which has spent the last few years aligning itself in close proximity to black culture, made no mention of Dapper Dan and instead made it seem as if it were an original design.

Now, Gucci has circled back. On Wednesday the label's Instagram posted a picture of the model wearing the jacket, flanked by two other models.The caption says that the jacket is "a look that celebrates an iconic style of hip-hop fashion culture from the 80s."

Gucci made sure to tag Dan in their post, writing, "Legendary tailor Dapper Dan @dapperdanharlem influenced the trend by making such custom pieces for his rapper and athlete clients out of logos from famous fashion houses, including #Gucci."

"In a homage to Dapper Dan," the caption continues, "this jacket worn with jeans and a lurex headpiece is flanked with a striped knit with cross-stitch embroidery, cotton shorts and a georgette gown with trompe l’oeil details."

Check out a side-by-side comparison of the original and the Gucci version below.

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Gucci Responds To Claims That It Knocked Off Dapper Dan’s Designs