Young Thug’s Long-Awaited Beautiful Thugger Girls Is Here

The rapper’s singing album has finally arrived.

June 15, 2017


Over a month ago, Young Thug told us that he would be dropping a "singing album" with Drake serving as the executive producer. After a couple teases on Instagram and several coy tweets, Thugger has finally delivered on his promise.

Originally titled Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls (or E.B.B.T.G.
for short) the album is now just called Beautiful Thugger Girls.

Thug got Future and Snoop Dogg to feature on the 14-track record. Millie Go Lightly, Lil Durk, and Jacquees also have guest spots.

Just a few hours before putting the album out in the world, the rapper posted to Instagram to deliver a message to his fans. "I love everybody in the world for allowing me to put out music the way I want," he wrote under a picture of him with and "E.B.B.T.B." cake. "I even love the critics because I know it's all love."

Stream Beautiful Thugger Girls. on Apple Music.

Young Thug’s Long-Awaited Beautiful Thugger Girls Is Here