Robert Pattinson’s Good Time May Just Be The Movie Of The Summer

Check out a bonkers trailer for the highly-anticipated new project.

June 27, 2017

Back in 2010, The FADER chatted with the New York City filmmakers the Safdie Brothers. At the time, the brothers were pushing their second feature film, Daddy Longlegs, a shambling little indie flick that would go on to win them a small but impassioned cheering section. In the seven years since, they've made both Lenny Cooke, a heartbreaking basketball documentary, and Heaven Knows What, an equally affecting junkie love story. With careful intent, they've carved out a hell of a filmography. Now, they're unrolling their highest profile project to date.


Good Time (out August 11) comes from the elite movie imprint A24, features a collaboration between Oneohtrix Point Never and Iggy Pop, and features actual movie star Robert Pattinson in a performance already being called a career best. Starring alongside a cast of new actors and legends alike (*climbs to the highest mountain* JENNIFER JASON LEIGH), Pattinson plays a Queens man finding himself in deeper and deeper trouble as he fights, over the course of one night, to save his beloved little brother.

Check out the OPN/Iggy song below. Check out the bonkers new trailer above. Then get your mind right for what may just be the movie of the summer.

Robert Pattinson’s Good Time May Just Be The Movie Of The Summer