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Meet Austin Feinstein, The L.A. Guitarist All Over Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy Album

The 19-year-old played on “Foreward,” Garden Shed,” and “Boredom” from Tyler’s fourth full-length.

July 21, 2017

For his fourth studio album Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator recruited a group of familiar faces and frequent collaborators including Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and Kali Uchis. Another name that pops up often in the credits is Los Angeles guitarist Austin Feinstein, who was also featured on Tyler's Cherry Bomb and Frank Ocean's Blonde


The 19-year-old — who plays guitar on "Foreword," "Garden Shed," and "Boredom — spoke to The FADER on Friday about how free-flowing way the tracks came together and what he thinks of the finished product. Get to know more about Austin Feinstein below.

Austin Feinstein is the lead singer of the band Slow Hollows.

And also records under the name TEEKS.

He was featured on Tyler's 2015 album Cherry Bomb.

You can hear Feinstein's voice on the Kali Uchis-featuring track "Perfect."

Feinstein is also credited as a guitarist on Frank Ocean's "Self Control."
Feinstein spoke to The FADER on Friday about how his contributions on Flower Boy came together.

"It was never really a thing where [Tyler] approached me just because I'd worked him a handful of times before and gotten to know him pretty well," Feinstein told The FADER over the phone on Friday. "So it wasn't like coming in to work on songs from an album, it was like coming in to fuck around and then he turned those into songs later. But it wasn't like, 'Oh, we're hunkering down and doing a song now.'"

"It wasn't really a studio thing, it was mainly being in houses: hanging out and having a good time," he explained. "In the back of our minds, we knew that we were going to make an album but we weren't going into it with that intent."

Feinstein also explained that the tracks went through many different transformations and that he heard the final versions for the first time when everybody else did. "It seemed like the songs had a lot of different forms and different version this time around. There were a lot of times where I would record a guitar part in a certain way, and then maybe a day later it would be the same chords but a whole different tempo and vibe."

Meet Austin Feinstein, The L.A. Guitarist All Over Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy Album