How To Grow Out Your Armpit Hair

Let your body do its thing.

Illustration Hisashi Okawa
July 27, 2017
How To Grow Out Your Armpit Hair
Cease and desist the pit-shaving mentality

There is no time to waste on trivial things like whether society is more attracted to bald armpits than hairy ones. Also, science says we probably have armpit pubes because they trap sexy pheromone smells to attract us mates.


Get those follicles stimulated, girl.

Encourage your new bushes to grow

Rub some coconut, castor, jojoba, or olive oil all up in there.

Settle on a friendly new deodorant

Try a gel or a spray, like the sage one from Burt’s Bees. Or just ditch the stuff entirely; become one with yourself.

Raise your arms high

And feel the breeze through your locks.

Forget about shaving your legs, too

Why bother?

How To Grow Out Your Armpit Hair