How To Hump In The Heat

8 simple strategies for when it’s almost too warm to get hot and heavy.

Illustration Hisashi Okawa
July 27, 2017
How To Hump In The Heat
Embrace sweaty sliminess

Sweat gland secretions are sexy. Think of it as nature’s lube.

Take it to the water

A classic summer bang happens in the ocean on a quiet beach. If you can’t make it to the shore, though, the bathtub or shower will do — even if you don’t have one of those detachable showerheads.

Soothe your sunburn

Hot, red, and sore? Slather some aloe or after-sun oil all over yourselves and start rubbing each other — make it therapeutic.

Air it out

Position a fan on either end of the bed, face your sweatiest body parts toward the fan, and proceed.

Get your rocks off

Crack an ice tray. Pour the ice on your partner, and rub it between your bodies. That’s it.

Do the spritz

Fill a spray bottle or water gun with ice cold water and keep it by your sex location of choice. Take turns spritzin’ each other.

Feel the breeze

Alternate being on top for optimal breeziness. Switch it up with some side-plank humps.

Get handsy

You know what? When it’s too hot, it’s too hot. Make use of those fingers (but only if they’re not pruned from the humidity).

How To Hump In The Heat