Colin Kaepernick Donated $34,000 To J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation

Kaepernick will be helping to fund new projects currently in development.

August 24, 2017

Last year Colin Kaepernick announced he would donate $1 million to organizations fighting racial injustice. Almost a year later, the former San Fracisco 49ers quarterback is well on his way to that total having given $800k so far. On Wednesday the latest round of organizations to receive funding from the footballer were revealed with J. Cole's Dreamville Foundation among the beneficiaries.


ESPN reporter Darren Rovell revealed that Kaepernick donated $34,000 to the rapper's non-profit. The charity helps young people in the rapper's hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina achieve their potential. A statement about Kaepernick's donation reads: “Colin will be helping to fund a couple of new projects in development which he is very excited to support. Colin will be releasing details of the projects in development in the coming weeks.”

J. Cole recently signed on to executive produce Raising Bertie, a coming-of-age documentary that follows three young black men over the course of six years in rural North Carolina. The documentary will air on August 28 on PBS.

Colin Kaepernick Donated $34,000 To J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation