Thaiboy Digital Debuts His Video For “Climbing”

Produced by Whitearmor and Gud.

August 29, 2017

Thaiboy Digital, for the sorely unfamiliar, is the Bangkok-based member of Drain Gang, the group formerly known as Gravity Boys and comprised of Yung Lean affiliates Bladee, Ecco2k, Thaiboy, and producers Whitearmor and Yung Sherman.

Their new album, D&G, was released earlier in August — the collection is perhaps a bit neutral in its droopy Auto-Tune and tempo, but it’s only the more endlessly replayable for it. In my dream world, they all collaborate on the next Lana Del Rey LP.

“Climbing” is the album closer, produced by Whitearmor and Gud from Sad Boys to be one of the collection’s most delicate tracks — “I’m climbing, like a waterfall.” “I don’t really know the meaning of the song when I write the hook though,” Thaiboy told me, “even now I don't fully know the meaning, but like for most of my songs I tend to know and understand it fully when the time is right.”

The video, he said, “was shot on top of an old ruin near the palace where the crown princess of Sweden lives. I think some rich Swedish guy wanted to build a palace on top of this mountain back in the days but he got killed or something so it never got finished — thats why you see me walking through those open chambers.”


To celebrate the 17-track D&G release the boys are embarking on a 17-show “Fiend” tour, mostly in Europe but including a show in Brooklyn this weekend with Yung Lean. Buy tickets and see the full schedule here.

Thaiboy has just completed ceremonies to become a monk, in honor of his grandmother, but he said, “I’m gonna fly over the pacific to see my bros in less than a week, s/o to the fans see you soon!”

Thaiboy Digital Debuts His Video For “Climbing”