4 Ways To Wear Statement Earrings To Steal The Show

The bigger the better.

August 29, 2017

Let's take a more-is-more approach with jewelry. What makes statement earrings such irresistible fun is that they're supposed to be brightly colored like candy, obscurely shaped like toys, and as big as you please. If you're proudly extra, you'll already know that statement earrings complement any look, but if you have a more lowkey vibe, they're an easy way to take a fashion risk.


Here are four kinds of statement earrings that you should try out this season.

1. Seek out something sculptural

Seaworthy's earring design was informed by Matisse's work, which explains their artful vibe. And as if they couldn't be cooler, the layered pieces are attached with headpins, giving the earrings a mobile element.

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These handsy earrings by VERAMEAT were inspired by line drawings. For that reason, these earrings are strikingly bold — a pair of eye-catchers, no pun intended.

2. Embrace your gaudy side

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The word "gaudy" typically gets a bad rep, but hear us out. Consider this category to describe earrings that are so bright, blingy, and ornamental that they can't be missed. Take any of these pieces from Lulu Frost — these babies will be the centerpiece of your look and a conversation-starter at the same damn time.


This pair from Jiwinaia are a sensory overload in the best way possible — a sparkly, candy-colored mashup that'll feel like a party when you put them on.

3. Try a touch of texture

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Atu Gusto crafts gorgeous earrings that meld old-world craftsmanship and contemporary appeal — have you seen a more dreamy shade of blue? To snag this hand-made pair, place an order via their Instagram bio.

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Gamma Folks used speckled clay and metal to create these little standouts, plus they come in three chic, understated colorways — they'll go with everything, so get ready to wear them everyday.

4. Go long or go home

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This stunning piece from Wild Moon takes care of all your jewelry needs — bless. Not only is it versatile in purpose, but also in construction — the "NIYAMA" incorporates beading, brass, and aluminum.

Arpana Rayamajhi intricately crafts each piece she makes by hand, with designs that are drawn from her Nepali heritage, pop culture, and music. Scoop up a pair of her signature multicolored, dangly beauties here.

4 Ways To Wear Statement Earrings To Steal The Show