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British rapper slowthai’s “Round & Round” video is 100% energy

Watch his new video ahead of the release of the I Wish I Knew EP.

October 27, 2017

slowthai, the British rapper who introduced himself earlier this year with the grainy, horrorcore-influenced slowitdownn EP, is back with new music. "Round & Round" is taken from his forthcoming I Wish I Knew project and sees the hard-hitting 22-year-old looking at the gritty side of life ("We've all got issues, confident I got issues"). The video, premiering above via The FADER, captures his livewire energy and combative live performances perfectly.


Asked to explain the video over email, slowthai kept it simple. “Energy, pirate radio, and smiles," he wrote.

I Wish I Knew is out November 3 via BONE SODA ノノ. slowthai plays a headline show at London's St Pancras Old Church on November 24.

British rapper slowthai’s “Round & Round” video is 100% energy