Take a walk with MIKE in the beautiful video for “GOD’S WITH ME”

“Smokin spliffs on the roof / Sun’s arm’s reach.”

November 17, 2017

In September, Bronx rapper MIKE dropped a four-track EP called BY THE WATER. The last track and standout of the project is called “GOD’S WITH ME,” a bright, piano-based, self-produced cut on which MIKE contemplates the negative energies around him, but finds strength and faith in knowing he’s got his people behind him, and in doing things his own way. “Niggas want me six feet down when I’m six feet above / I play the back while my niggas play the front,” he raps as the track rounds out.


Premiering today on The FADER is his video for “GOD’S WITH ME,” and it’s absolutely beautiful. A two-ish minute, black-and-white walk through his neighborhood shot from a drone overhead, it’s as if the video gently captures God’s view as he watches over MIKE walking alone, hanging with friends, FaceTiming, or sitting on the roof, just figuring things out. It’s one of those rare instances where the visual conveys exactly the emotion the track carries, warming the soul and inducing that second, third, fourth watch.

Of the song itself, MIKE shared over email: "I made the beat while just cooling in the crib, and then I went up on the roof and wrote it while the sun was setting. The view from where we are always gives me clarity and hope."

Watch the video above, and listen to By The Water. You can also get a vinyl copy of the project here, out today on House Anxiety.

Take a walk with MIKE in the beautiful video for “GOD’S WITH ME”