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Take a ride with Alex Mali and MeLo-X’s new song, “Hoity Toity”

Bad gals, yes. Bad mind, no.

November 29, 2017

It's hard to argue with Alex Mali when she lays out her instructions for fakes and phonies on "Hoity Toity": dem weh haffi pack it up. On the single, premiering today on The FADER, the Brooklyn singer-songwriter layers soft vocals and melodies into a hazy, reggae&b anthem. MeLo-X joins with a similarly anti-bad mind verse, and really, all I want to do is cruise around with my best girls, blasting Alex Mali from a drop-top Jeep.


"'Hoity toity' is a Jamaican patois term that pretty much means being 'boujie,' and there have been multiple occasions where people would look down on me, or try to make me seem as though I was lesser than them, and I was starting to realize that I didn't want any negativity in my space," Alex explained. "Whether it's people throwing shade, or being phony towards me, I only want the realest of the real surrounding me.'"

Watch the clip, shot by Courtney Loo and David Karpp, above.

Thumbnail Credit: Brandon DeSouza

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Take a ride with Alex Mali and MeLo-X’s new song, “Hoity Toity”