Is it cute to mix two soups together to make one big soup?

This is apparently what Playboi Carti does.

November 30, 2017

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Alleged soup-mixer Playboi Carti.  

Let me set the scene. You are on a date with platinum-selling rapper Playboi Carti. I imagine you're at a fairly nice restaurant in Atlanta, but maybe it's more casual than that. The time comes to place your order and the 21-year-old star orders two bowls of soup. You think, Huh, I guess he really likes soup, but don't think much else of it. You continue chatting, maybe about how many siblings you have or how he feels about ascending to fame at such a young age. It's going as well as a first date can go.


Your meals arrive. You have ordered a hearty salad or chicken piccata or something; it looks great. Carti's two soups are in front of him and instead of eating both of them separately, he begins taking spoonfuls of one soup and putting it into the other soup. He does this back and forth until he has two bowls of mixed up soup. He proceeds to eat both bowls of his creation while telling a funny anecdote about Lil Uzi Vert.

This odd scenario is what Twitter user @jaketen17 says happened to his friend when she went out on a first date with Carti.

Is this real? Probably, definitely not. But is this cute? To answer that question, we first have to recognize that there are some versions of this probably fake story that are decidedly not cute. If the "Magnolia" rapper is mixing one broth based soup with a cream based soup, that is not cute. If he had gotten a third, larger bowl and just poured both soups into that and eaten one giant bowl of mixed soup, that is not cute.

Now, assuming that this is something that Carti does with a certain amount of regularity, I'm sure he knows that mixing, say, an Italian wedding soup with a creamy broccoli cheddar soup would be gross and uncute. It feels safe to say that he's mixing two soups that would complement each other. Mixing a butternut squash soup and a tomato soup would, indeed, be cute.

The wording of the tweet is definitely a point in the cute column. The image of one of rap's fastest rising stars creating a megasoup "one spoonful at a time" is very cute. The spoon is objectively the cutest utensil and having it be a part of your weird food habits definitely makes them more palatable (pardon the pun). Someone with a bigger head would demand that the kitchen mix the soups together for him, but Carti decided to take on the task himself and for that I commend him.

Verdict: This is cute. Ultimately, it's inventive and shows that Carti thinks outside the box and those are two verifiably cute qualities.

Is it cute to mix two soups together to make one big soup?