Listen to a new version of Lady Gaga’s “Joanne”

She also announced a donation to the Lupus Research Alliance.

January 25, 2018

Lady Gaga has shared a new piano version of "Joanne," a song from her 2016 album of the same name. Yesterday, she teased a forthcoming video of the new version. She also announced that she'd be donating to the Lupus Research Alliance, and encouraged others to do the same.


Gaga has previously shared stories about her aunt's, for whom she named the album, experience with lupus.

"[Joanne] died in 1974, but they had no idea why she died," she told Billboard in 2017. "They didn’t know what it was. And so when she was really, really ill, she had these lesions on her hands and the doctors wanted to take her hands off. She was a painter, and she did needlepoint and crochet, and she was a writer and a poet. As Joanne neared death, my grandmother said, ‘I can’t let my daughter’s last moments on this earth be without her hands.’"

Listen to the piano version of "Joanne" below.

Thumbnail courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

Listen to a new version of Lady Gaga’s “Joanne”