Chance The Rapper calls out Heineken for “racist” ad

The artist took to Twitter to call the company out.

March 25, 2018
Chance The Rapper calls out Heineken for “racist” ad Chance The Rapper at the Scholly Scholarship Summit on February 10, 2018 in Chicago. Jeff Schear / Getty Images  

Chance The Rapper tweeted out his discontent with racist advertisements, taking specific aim at a Heineken campaign that's tagline was "Sometimes, lighter is better." He linked to the ad in a following tweet, which he called "horribly racist."


You can watch the full ad here, but it shows a bartender spotting a woman accross a rooftop bar, sliding past a black woman, and an older black man, before landing near the hand of the woman who the bartender orignially spotted. As that woman takes the beer into her hand, a narrator announces "sometimes, lighter is better."

While Heineken is a light beer, Chance The Rapper is not the only one to call out Heineken for problematic advertisements. Earlier in 2017, Heineken released another ad that came under fire for being, at best, insensitive.

You can read Chance's tweets below.

Chance The Rapper calls out Heineken for “racist” ad