Yellow Days is learning to adapt on “The Way Things Change”

Listen to the first new song of 2018 from the U.K. teen with an Atlanta co-sign.

April 05, 2018

"My friends think my soul is dead," sings George van den Broek on “The Way Things Change” in what might just be the most relatable lyric of 2018 so far. U.K. singer-songwriter Yellow Days's unmistakable croak-y croon was recently heard on the trailer for S2 of Atlanta and this song, premiering on The FADER, is his first new music of the year.


Set over a woozy, hazy, Mac DeMarco-style backdrop, “The Way Things Change” is a realization that life is transient and the only constant is you. "Keep going, you have to keep going" van den Broek says with hope in his heart, offering up a timely reminder to always back yourself.

Currently working on his debut album following 2017’s Harmless Melodies EP and the full-length Is Everything Okay In Your World? project, van den Broek spoke to The FADER via email. ‘I think I’ve got to that age now where I’ve seen friends and relationships come and go so many times and existed within so many situations it’s become so clear that change is this unstoppable thing you have to become close with," he said. "And the track is all about dealing with that and learning to exist inside an ever changing world.’

Yellow Days is currently on a sold-out U.S. tour and will play live across the U.K. in May. Check out "The Way Things Change" above.

Yellow Days is learning to adapt on “The Way Things Change”