Rihanna secretly wore a flask bracelet to Coachella

But you probably can’t.

April 17, 2018

Rihanna went to Coachella this weekend, where she had a great time and looked amazing, as per usual. She stood front row during Beychella, she spoke lovingly to Cardi B while the rapper sat parked in a golf cart, she wore a sheer brown top that inspired millions. In short, she had a typical Rihanna weekend, capped off with a classic Rihanna accessory: the flask.


Rihanna's Coachella flask is styled to look like a bracelet. If you or I wore it, we'd say it was disguised to look like a bracelet, but the laws that apply to us when it comes to carrying a drink or using our bodyguards' heads as a table do not apply to Rihanna, thus rendering the need for secrecy useless.

Rihanna paired the flask bracelet with a Gucci balaclava, created with the same intent of concealing something, in this case Rihanna's face. Together the accessories convey perhaps the last real truth on an otherwise mangled planet: that Rihanna will be seen.

The flask can be purchased here.

Thumbnail image courtesy of John Sciulli/Getty Images for PUMA.

Rihanna secretly wore a flask bracelet to Coachella