Kelsey Lu shares new song “Shades of Blue”

“I’m not over you, not over you / but I’m over feeling shades of blue.”

April 18, 2018
Kelsey Lu shares new song “Shades of Blue” Dicko Chan

Kelsey Lu has shared a new single from an upcoming project, titled "Shades of Blue." The song is Lu's first release since her 2016 EP Church. The lush and contemplative track came to fruition during a period of time when the artist was crashing in a leather factory in Hoboken, NJ.


“I was really depressed at the time, and my life had flip-flopped in many ways—musically, financially, romantically and, really, soulfully,” Lu explained in a statement. “For me, ‘Shades of Blue' was a glimpse of hopefulness and peace from within that depression.” Hear it below, and be sure to catch Lu at her upcoming shows in Brooklyn and Los Angeles next month.

Kelsey Lu shares new song “Shades of Blue”